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Bloom & Wild celebrates 10 years!

London-based flower delivery business Bloom & Wild is celebrating a decade of flower letterboxes, plants, vases, and bespoke gifts.

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BPI leads financing round for German gastronomy app NeoTaste

10 August 2023
NeoTaste is an app-based subscription platform that offers members exclusive restaurant deals.

The relevance of ESG for BPI’s portfolio companies

13 June 2023
Environmental protection, social issues, and sustainable corporate governance are becoming increasingly important in the venture capital (VC) and start-up sector.

Vinted Climate Change Impact Report

29 March 2023
Vinted’s first Climate Change Impact Report demonstrates that buying second-hand fashion from Vinted can be less damaging to the climate than buying new items.


Why we invested: Neotaste

11 August 2023 by Friedrich von Wulffen
With a unique value proposition, exceptional growth metrics, and an inspiring team, Neotaste joins the BPI portfolio as our newest investment.

“The Third Wave” – Generative AI (Part IV: Verticals)

07 August 2023 by Friedrich von Wulffen & Christian Teichmann
Generative AI and Industry Verticals: A Strategic Roadmap for Identifying High-Growth Opportunities in the Third Wave of AI.

Embracing AI’s Impact on LegalTech

05 July 2023 by Francesco Moro, Friedrich von Wulffen, Dr. Stefan Blenk, Charlotte Falk
We witness an emerging wave of innovation in the LegalTech space, where GenAI plays a central role. This wave already demonstrated remarkable potential, while not having even scratched the surface...