The Female Company

The Female Company are redefining the FemHealth space, offering organic products to a new generation of modern women.



Berlin, Germany


Anne-Sophie Claus, Sinja Stadelmaier


Brand led commerce (DTC)

Main Co-Investors

ACM Capital, Acton Capital, IBB Ventures

The Female Company changes the experience of buying commodity products from being an effort to something you wait for with anticipation. This strong female founding team is challenging the taboos around FemHealth products and pushing boundaries on traditional approaches in the sector.

What’s more, they commit to doing this in a sustainable and responsible way. One of their many female product offerings, organic tampons are packaged plastic-free in compostable film, made from certified organic cotton and produced in a CO2-neutral manner. This challenges themanufacturing norms in the industry in Germany where pesticides are still used in cotton production & mainstream hygiene companies are not required to disclose the composition of their products.