When life can’t wait, Zapp delivers.
From last-minute entertaining, a movie night in with the kids, to missing ingredients or after party drinks – Zapp brings ultra-convenience to life’s ‘need it now’ occasions.



London, UK


Navid Hadzaad, Joe Falter


Instant Delivery

Main Co-Investors

468 Capital, Lightspeed Venture Partners, Atomico, Vorwerk Ventures, BroadLight Capital and Lewis Hamilton

Zapp is a full-stack convenience delivery business – launched at the end of 2020, building the logistical infrastructure to deliver thousands of on-demand convenience and grocery items to customers within minutes.

Zapp operates an online platform intended to provide on-demand delivery of convenience goods and groceries from neighborhood stores directly to customers’ doors. The company’s platform employs its riders directly and leverages a fully electric fleet, emphasizing sustainability. In the first year of operations, the company has established leadership positions in both London and Amsterdam.