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The CFO Suite: an exciting Fintech vertical

16 March 2023 by Francesco Moro and Vincent Rose
2022 was a difficult year for the tech sector in general, and the Fintech vertical in particular.

Revolutionary Materials: Replacing traditional plastics, solving the problem at source

09 February 2023 by Luisa Frank & Christian Teichmann
Plastic has been a key packaging solution for societies around the globe, as it is significantly cheaper, lighter, and easier to handle than comparable materials.

Ready to look Down-Under?

02 February 2023 by Clare McCartney Beer & Laura Keilhofer
As a venture capital fund with a global investment strategy, we at Burda Principal Investments are always excited to explore new markets. Recently, our attention has turned to Australia.

Why we invested: Yoto

20 December 2022 by Christian Teichmann & Laura Möller
Yoto had taken an allegedly simple product to a whole new level by being extremely thoughtful in designing an experience that would foster children’s independence — and return the joy...

Why we invested: Horangi

22 September 2022 by Neil Fong

Consumerization of Crypto – BPI Perspective

10 August 2022 by Christian Teichmann & Friedrich von Wulffen
Applications of blockchain technology start to enter the consumer mainstream