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Fintech in Indonesia: Rainbow After the Storm?

14 May 2024 by Elis Kwek & Neil Fong
From a growth VC perspective, we hold an optimistic outlook on the emergence of both local and regional frontrunners originating from Indonesia, recognizing its expansive market potential for accommodating multiple...

How GenAI is Redefining the FinTech Landscape

03 April 2024 by Francesco Moro, Thomas Juvin, Vincent Rose, Fernando Acero with the contribution of Nikita Semenov
GenAI is finding mature applications in the Financial Sector – in this article we explore the use cases we are the most excited about.

How will we continue to achieve growth in Europe?

13 March 2024 by Will Sarjant and Laura Möller
Labour productivity growth in the euro area has been declining for decades. This begs the question: how will we continue to achieve growth in Europe?

Deep Dive: Hotel and Alternative Lodging Software

04 March 2024 by Alejandra Otero Arenzana
We share our perspectives on the hotel and alternative lodging software industry and why we believe that now is a favorable time for this space with a deep-dive into two...

Why we invested: Aleph Alpha

06 November 2023 by Christian Teichmann, Friedrich von Wulffen
BPI invests in fundamental Generative AI technology for enterprises, made in Europe, by backing Aleph Alpha at Series B.

A new era of AI

27 October 2023 by Christian Teichmann & Laura Keilhofer
Artificial Intelligence is talked about everywhere right now: from board rooms to dinner tables. We are sharing our takeaways from DLD AI Summit.