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BPI Perspective on: Last mile logistics

15 June 2022 by Julian von Eckartsberg & Friedrich von Wulffen

BPI – UK Consumer Surveys: Health

17 May 2022 by BPI London Team
How has the pandemic affected the role of health in our lifestyles? What role do apps play in satisfying our fitness needs?

BPI – UK Consumer Surveys: Finance

16 May 2022 by BPI London Team
Continuing on with results from our recent consumer survey series, next we look at the area of Finance.

BPI – UK Consumer Surveys: Food

06 May 2022 by BPI London Team
Last but not least in our BPI consumer survey series we look at Food – What are the current trends in food delivery?

BPI – UK Consumer Surveys: Sustainability

20 April 2022 by BPI London Team
At the end of 2021, we surveyed over 2,000 people living in the UK. Here’s what they had to say about sustainability…