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Why we invested: Aleph Alpha

06 November 2023 by Christian Teichmann, Friedrich von Wulffen
BPI invests in fundamental Generative AI technology for enterprises, made in Europe, by backing Aleph Alpha at Series B.

A new era of AI

27 October 2023 by Christian Teichmann & Laura Keilhofer
Artificial Intelligence is talked about everywhere right now: from board rooms to dinner tables. We are sharing our takeaways from DLD AI Summit.

Sustainable Consumption

27 October 2023 by Christian Teichmann & Laura Keilhofer
Climate change is an undeniable issue that we are confronted with in the 21st century: will circularity be the key to solve it? Our insights from DLD Circular.

Why we invested: Uluu

05 October 2023 by Christian Teichmann, Edwin Mak, Luisa Frank
Founded in Australia, the team at Uluu is looking to transform the global market for plastic materials with a natural and sustainable alternative.

Why we invested: Neotaste

11 August 2023 by Friedrich von Wulffen
With a unique value proposition, exceptional growth metrics, and an inspiring team, Neotaste joins the BPI portfolio as our newest investment.

“The Third Wave” – Generative AI (Part IV: Verticals)

07 August 2023 by Friedrich von Wulffen & Christian Teichmann
Generative AI and Industry Verticals: A Strategic Roadmap for Identifying High-Growth Opportunities in the Third Wave of AI.