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Why we invested: Neotaste

11 August 2023 by Friedrich von Wulffen
With a unique value proposition, exceptional growth metrics, and an inspiring team, Neotaste joins the BPI portfolio as our newest investment.

“The Third Wave” – Generative AI (Part IV: Verticals)

07 August 2023 by Friedrich von Wulffen & Christian Teichmann
Generative AI and Industry Verticals: A Strategic Roadmap for Identifying High-Growth Opportunities in the Third Wave of AI.

Embracing AI’s Impact on LegalTech

05 July 2023 by Francesco Moro, Friedrich von Wulffen, Dr. Stefan Blenk, Charlotte Falk
We witness an emerging wave of innovation in the LegalTech space, where GenAI plays a central role. This wave already demonstrated remarkable potential, while not having even scratched the surface...

“The Third Wave” – Generative AI (Part III: Value Chain)

20 June 2023 by Friedrich von Wulffen & Christian Teichmann
Unveiling the Path to Success in Generative AI: Exploring the value chain for long-lasting products and defendable businesses that make an impact.

Deep Dive: FoodTech Sector

05 June 2023 by Luisa Frank
New food sources are disrupting the traditional food industry providing the tasty, sustainable alternatives we have been waiting for.

“The Third Wave” – Generative AI (Part II: Traction)

19 April 2023 by Friedrich von Wulffen & Christian Teichmann
Exploring the Current Traction of Generative AI: Separating Hype from Reality in Developer Traction, Consumer Excitement, Prosumer Adoption, and Enterprise Interest.