Patronus is building a digital companion for elderly to allow for a more independent but secure lifestyle while easing the life’s of their caregivers.





Ben Staudt, Tim Wagner


Elderly Care

Main Co-Investors

Singular, Adjacent, UVC, Cavalry

Patronus entered the market in 2021 by addressing the most pressing problem of many elderly people: the fear of ending up in an emergency and not getting any help. With elderly people spending most of their time by themselves, their daily lives are significantly impacted by this fear. Patronus is solving this problem by offering software that turns smartwatches into digital watches for the elderly. The watch software enables a 24/7 connection to the emergency call centre which has access to the user’s health records and caregiver contacts. It can be used both at home and on the move.

In the future, Patronus wants to make the app accessible to a wider circle of caregivers, such as in-home caregivers, nursing homes and doctors while further building their platform. By providing comprehensive digital data, the care of the elderly will become more efficient and personalised. Particularly in view of the glaring shortage of skilled nursing staff and the growing shortage of doctors in combination with an aging population along demographic change, leveraging technology will be crucial.