Launched as the world’s first salon focused on colour in 2010, Bleach London is best described by Time Out: “The grungy salon that pioneered the dip-dye, then conquered
the globe.”



London, UK


Alex Brownsell (renowned hairstylist) & Sam Campbell


Brand led commerce (DTC)

Founded by entrepreneurs Alex Brownsell and Sam Campbell, Bleach London  is a female-led business that provides a space for anyone to express individuality and experiment with their hair and has redefined the hair sector across a trailblazing decade.

With a focused eye on both their network of beloved London salons, as well as an ever-expanding product range and intuitive online platform, Bleach have reimagined what hair transformation can look like. The coveted range, when paired with Bleach’s pioneering virtual services, makes for a new era in digital beauty services and at-home dye.

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