StashAway announces assets under management of 1 billion USD

28 January 2021

StashAway, Southeast Asia’s largest and fastest-growing digital wealth manager for both retail and accredited investors, has announced that they are managing more than 1 billion USD. By doing so, the company is the first digital wealth manager in Southeast Asia, MENA and any of those regions to announce that it manages more than 1 billion USD and even reached this milestone in less than 4 years – faster than it took the world’s largest digital wealth managers, Betterment and Wealthfront.

“When the company was founded, our objective was to significantly improve the way people build their wealth. For those who do invest their savings, traditional investment options just weren’t acceptable. But we knew that cash in the bank is actually our biggest competitor. That’s why we’ve always focused not only on sophisticated investment principles and a great customer experience, but also financial education to help more people understand how to better manage and grow their wealth. This relationship with our clients and the public has been a key to our fast growth.”

Michele Ferrario, co-founder and CEO of StashAway

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