Burda Cyber Security

At Hubert Burda Media, information security is an integral part of the business processes. At the central security operations center, iSecurity, the experts keep an overview of the security situation including all operative data and communicate transparently to identify all critical assets and risks directly and validly. They show interrelations and dependencies, observe security-related events and trends, and create systems to protect the company and to deal with risks – to be able to act instead of only react.

iSecurity Burda is part of the corporate culture at Hubert Burda Media and an area of responsibility for all companies in the network.



Cyberport is one of Europe’s largest consumer electronics retailers. Visitors to will find products like notebooks, IT, smartphones, TVs and household appliances. The company sees itself as a digital outfitter and a clear multi-channel specialist for B2B and B2C customers. The latest technology is currently being applied to the webshop to offer customers a personalised, individual service in future. Cyberport now employs over 600 people throughout Germany and has more than 4.8 million customers. In addition to its headquarters in Dresden and a total of 15 stationary retail outlets in Germany and Austria, the company also has a state-of-the-art logistics centre in Siebenlehn, Saxony.


BurdaForward is a division of Hubert Burda Media. Every month, BurdaForward reaches more than 42 million people through wide-reaching brands such as Focus Online, Chip, Finanzen100, NetMoms, The Weather Channel, Cardscout and – this equates to 70,2% of internet users in Germany (AGOF daily digital facts 2020-08). Most of these portals are considered leaders in their field.

BurdaForward consistently tailors its products to the needs of users to improve their daily lives with relevant and constructive information and services. With this goal in mind, more than 600 editors, developers and data/product experts shape the world of digital news from sites in Munich, Cologne, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Berlin and Bari. BurdaForward has also teamed up with numerous publishing partners around Germany and is building a publisher network to exchange content, knowledge, and reach. In this way, the company aims to provide its users with a comprehensive information service and to play its part in the ongoing freedom of the press and diversity of opinions in Germany.