BPI leads equity round of Kasagi Labo

16 May 2024

Burda Principal Investments leads equity round of Kasagi Labo

Growth capital investor, Burda Principal Investments (BPI), has led the Pre-Series A round of Singapore-based Kasagi Labo – a pioneering anime venture studio dedicated to bringing authentic Japanese anime to a global audience. With the investment, BPI further builds its presence in South-East Asia, and supports this unique and innovative business with its international vision.

Cultivating a Global Anime Platform

Kasagi Labo specialises in delivering authentic Japanese anime content through a multifaceted approach encompassing IP licensing, distribution, and merchandising. With a mission to unite the entire anime content creation ecosystem, from IP owners to artists and voice actors, Kasagi Labo seeks to forge meaningful connections with dedicated anime enthusiasts worldwide, thereby shaping the evolution of global anime IPs.

The funding comes at a pivotal moment, empowering the company to realise its vision of cultivating an international anime platform at a time when overseas demand for anime has surged, now surpassing that of local Japanese markets1. Industry forecasts predict a remarkable Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 9.4%, propelling the industry from its 2022 valuation of US$25.8 billion to an estimated US$62.7 billion by 2032.2 With its strategic approach, the company is well placed to ride the recent industry momentum and capitalise on the exponential growth projected for the global anime sector.

“Partnering with Kasagi Labo reflects our commitment to supporting innovative and transformative businesses. Anime is a fast-growing market globally that is ripe for change. Kendrick and his team have demonstrated an ability to execute effectively against a business model which we believe has the potential to transform the industry. We are incredibly excited to lead the company’s Pre-Series A round and support their long-term growth across Asia and beyond.”

Edwin Mak, Principal at BPI.

“With a strong coalition of strategic investors, industry advisors, and an experienced management team, the company is well-positioned to spearhead innovation and set new benchmarks in the global anime landscape. I eagerly anticipate our collaboration with Burda Principal Investments, recognizing their extensive global network as a catalyst for unlocking new markets and forging valuable licensing partnerships and distribution avenues for Kasagi Labo.” 

Kendrick Wong, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Kasagi Labo

The current investment round of US$12 million strengthens Kasagi Labo’s financial position in the anime industry and propels the company’s total funding to US$20 million. Kasagi Labo’s strategic utilisation of the funds will enable significant investments in anime productions, via building, partnering, or acquiring existing anime IPs.

BPI participated in the current Pre-Series A round alongside CMT Digital, SuperScrypt, Hashed, Sfermion, and Gold House Foundation.

Read more about Kasagi Labo here.

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2 Yahoo Finance, “Anime Market to Reach USD 62.7 Billion by 2032” (2023)

Founder and CEO Kendrick Wong