Burda invests in fintech companies Moneybox and Stash Away

14 December 2020
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BurdaPrincipal Investments (BPI), the growth capital arm of Hubert Burda Media, has expanded its investments into the fintech space and participated in the current funding round of the saving and investing app Moneybox. Earlier this year, BPI also invested in Singapore-based Stash Away, a digital wealth manager for both retail and accredited investors.


“While BPI has a clear focus on marketplaces and platforms, we expanded our focus into the fintech industry by concentrating on business models that require no or a minimum of regulated equity amount only.”

Christian Teichmann, Managing Director of BPI


BPI identified four key trends to capitalise on: Low customer trust for incumbents, the democratization of access to financial data, the multitude of underserved segments, and the re-bundling of financial services.


“Moneybox in the UK and Stash Away in Singapore are perfect examples for our investment thesis in the fintech space as both companies reimagine the way of doing business in their respective segments.”

Christian Teichmann, Managing Director of BPI

Wealth management guidance with Moneybox

Incumbent wealth managers have traditionally focused on high-net-worth and affluent customers to build large and profitable businesses. However, over 20 million individuals in the UK have not necessarily received wealth management education or guidance. Yet, these individuals have clear savings missions, such as planning for a life event or buying a property. In addition, the recent profound reforms in the UK pensions market have meant that most are now responsible for material amounts of capital.

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