Fashion ecosystem for South East Asia


CEO Ankiti Bose and CTO Dhruv Kapoor founded Zilingo with the idea of aggregating the abundant yet unorganised fashion supply in the Southeast Asian markets.





Ankiti Bose, Dhruv Kapoor


E-Commerce, Fashion, Marketplace

Main Co-Investors:

Sequoia Capital India, Temasek

company insights

Zilingo enables thousands of small and medium-sized enterprises that use the platform to sell their merchandise online.

Zilingo first launched in April 2015 in Thailand and now ships to many parts of Asia while working with thousands of merchants who offer clothes, jewelry, and beauty products on the platform.

The company provides services to merchants that allow them to grow their business digitally, including packaging, video production, and working capital loans. Over 60,000 new styles are added each week to cater to the rapidly evolving fashion trends of Zilingo’s core customer group of millennial buyers (85% of their customers are under the age of 35).

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