Vietnam Search Engine

Coc Coc

Coc Coc is a search engine customized for Vietnamese people. It provides users with local services and information that are not strengths of giant search engines like Google.
Besides the ability of understanding Vietnamese language, Coc Coc has the database of hundred thousand places in the country. For example, when users type “café Hanoi”, Coc Coc search results will display café shops in Hanoi with detailed information (image, address, phone number, map, etc).





Search Engine, Internet, Local


Le Thanh

company insights

Coc Coc is the leading search and browser company in Vietnam. The company develops a search engine specifically tailored to the features of the Vietnamese language. The tech company headquartered in Hanoi, Vietnam has launched its main products (a browser, a search engine, Coc Coc advertising, and the geo location application Nha Nha) in April 2013 and has since acquired a leading position in the Vietnamese market. Currently, Coc Coc employs over 200 international specialists.

Coc Coc was established by three Vietnamese co-founders and the present CEO, who picked developers from the biggest Russian internet companies such as Yandex,, or Parallels. With 18 million monthly users (ComScore), has the highest daily audience in Vietnam. Hubert Burda Media has invested in the company in 2015.